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Spice Scotland has over 700 members covering Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Ayrshire, the Borders and the surrounding areas and runs over 60 events each month you can be sure there will be lots of events near you.If you wish to add SPICE to your life simply follow one of the steps detailed on Join Today and start enjoying events straight away or for more details Request An Information Pack.And so he set about trying to recreate the dishes he loved in the many Indian restaurants he visited and decided to put his recipes together in a blog he named the Curry Guy in 2010“I managed to get a few of the chefs to share their recipes, which isn’t easy as many of them are closely guarded secrets.‘It started out as a hobby but then I got to a point where I wanted to learn more and become better at cooking Indian food,” explains Dan who now lives in Yarm with his wife Caroline, and their three children Katy, 20, Joe, 18, and Jennifer, 13The challenge was getting people to read his blog.“It was still pretty much early days when it came to blogging, although there were a few food bloggers out there.I knew if I was going to be able to do anything with it then I had to do something a bit different to draw attention to it.”It was then he came up with the idea of getting the entire family to live on Indian food for a year.“The family thought it was just another of my silly ideas, but actually they loved the food. I learnt how to make all sorts of things, and the children really took it on board, cooking with me, it was a great way to get them into the kitchen and learning about food.”Throughout his challenge he learned 500 recipes, based on meals he had eaten in takeaways and not on their traditional counterparts.“I have always loved cooking,” says the father of three who moved to the UK from America more than 20 years ago.“I was born and raised in California where I was introduced to great food young.My grandfather passed down to me all of the family recipes while I was growing up and so began a love for cooking that has made life very enjoyable and tasty too.Something I've had to keep under my hat for a little while.

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Don’t worry if the adrenaline events are not your cup of tea, we have a fantastic social side, including.

Your New Member's Handbook and Membership card, along with the current programme will be with you by return.

If you join and decide within the first three months of your membership that Spice is not for you, we guarantee to return all membership monies to you without question.

I've been busy working together with the lovely people at Black Sheep Wools to bring you a brand new blanket pattern!

Not only that, but we're making it a Crochet Along too.


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