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Some bits last eons, others are worn out after 5 screws. A Pillips bit must fit tightly into the recess in the screw head, with no "wobble room".

3) You're using the drill improperly, failing to apply enough pressure to the screw or "gunning" the drill too much.

” Miller had 2 1/2 sacks against Newton in the Super Bowl and was named the game’s MVP.

It isn’t the first time Miller has poked a little fun at the Panthers.

Works well with stock or near-stock engines and drive trains in a lightly modified street engine.Once your information is submitted, you will immediately be sent a login password to the e-mail address provided.By completing the form, you agree to receive exclusive offers from the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.Intended for stock or near-stock engines and drive trains, 8.5:1 compression, 2.70 to 3.25 ring and pinion, automatic transmission with stock converter or four-speed manual transmission.If you are uncertain as to which cam profile best suits your needs, please contact our technical support staff at 619-661-6477.If you have a HI/LOW switch on the top, that sets the torque. A smaller number means the clutch disengages when the drill feels a small amount of resistance. There is also a setting with a picture of a drill bit that does not allow the clutch to disengage.


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