Tom leykis 101 rules of dating

Appropriately dubbed “The New Normal” (time will soon tell how that goes over with the new NBC show of the same name), it went on air the day after his contract with CBS lapsed.

Not that he was complaining about the forced sabbatical -- the company had to pay out what was left of his million deal while Leykis stayed home.

Leykis' logic follows that a man ignoring a woman for a work related call will actually make him look more "important and in control", thereby drastically reducing the "waiting period" women observe before having sex with men they're dating.

Leykis claims that a woman will try to test a man, trying to focus his attention on her and, he believes, there's a good chance that sex might be part of the attention-getting hunt.

* If the caller is one of her children, the man is already violating Leykis' 'no-single-mothers' rule.

* If the call is work related, and is deemed more important than the man now, it will always be more important.

CBS Radio ended his terrestrial show back in 2009, but Tom has since discovered the freedom of internet radio, and in 2010 created New Normal Network, which hosts rock, pop and talk stations.

Leykis eventually left WPIX, later went to WBAI leaving in the fall of 1981 to go to Albany to work at WQBK.

Leykis credits his defining moment to seriously pursue a career in radio to an incident that occurred in the early 1980s, in which his then-girlfriend locked him out of their residence because she believed he didn't earn enough money; he has since stated that this was one of the most important events of his life.

So when went dark on Feb 20, 2009, 12 years after it first started airing on Los Angeles’ KLSX, scores of loyalists from So Cal and around the world directed their anger at CBS Radio's decision to switch formats (it's now KAMP, a pop hits station), while internally, some pointed their finger at Leykis himself for taking down an entire talk station in his wake (according to reports, voluntary salary cuts were asked of KLSX radio personalities -- Leykis, earning around million per year, however, wouldn’t budge).

Still, few thought Leykis, a known name in radio whose show was aired on 25 different affiliates with a devoted audience of several hundred thousand, would abandon terrestrial radio forever.


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