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The University of Delaware says "it has terminated its lease agreement with The Data Centers, LLC, putting a halt to TDC’s plans to develop a data center" and natural gas power plant on the Science, Technology & Advanced Research (STAR) Campus adjoining the partly state-backed Newark, Del.

school, after a committee of UD officials and profs "unanimously" voted against the project. According to UD, administrators and professors in the Working Group assigned to review the proposal "concluded that the proposed facility, which included a 279-megawatt cogeneration power plant, is not consistent with a first class science and technology campus and high quality development to which UD is committed.

The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club is committed to promoting the sport of figure skating at every level.

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"Every day of my career in public service has been motivated by the desire to ensure that every American is treated with dignity and gets a fair shot," Biden said. In January, Obama awarded Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with Distinction.

The Governor remains interested in working with UD to develop that site in a manner that will create jobs and strengthen Delaware's network of science and technology businesses." In a statement, Harker said he still backs commercial development at the former Chrysler plant site, but "it is extremely important" that such projects are "appropriate both for the short and the long term, and that future generations of students will have a top-quality education.

We have carefully examined The Data Centers’ plans, and have determined that they are not a good fit for the STAR Campus.” The statement added:" The size of the power plant and the potential effects of resulting greenhouse gases and other pollutants on the environment" convinced the working group to "unanimously recommended to University leadership that plans to support such a facility should not be approved." Harker then concurred. "Now that this project is settled, we can all work together to attract businesses to the STAR Campus that will both provide high quality jobs and be consistent with UD's commitment to clean energy and the environment." • A data center would be advantageous to the STAR Campus, with the potential to provide research and internship opportunities, enhance the property infrastructure so as to attract other tenants; provide construction and permanent jobs and provide tax revenue for local schools and community.• Contemporary high quality data centers use the existing grid or deploy a combination of the existing grid and renewable energy generation to meet their power needs.

Biden will also have an office on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia.

The University of Delaware, meanwhile, named Biden the founding chair of the University of Delaware's Biden Institute in Newark, Del.


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