Updating modules dep nlp and dating

modules.dep, bin - Module dependency information /lib/modules//lib/modules/bin bin is a binary file generated by depmod listing the dependencies for every module in the directories under /lib/modules/version.It is used by kmod tools such as modprobe and libkmod.

When a chart parser begins parsing a text, it creates a new (empty) chart, spanning the text. A set of “chart rules” specifies the conditions under which new edges should be added to the chart.These files are not intended for editing or use by any additional utilities as their format is subject to change in the future.You should use the modinfo(8) command to obtain information about modules in a future proof and compatible fashion rather than touching these files.It aims to be a developer tool in that it allows and encourages the using of programming and language constructs instead of creating a restricted environment.It uses Groovy’s dynamism to remove the noise and boiler plate code in order to focus on what’s important — the content and interaction. [ ok ]Package: module-init-tools Version: 3.3-pre11-1 Severity: normal If you look up "module blacklist" or "modprobe blacklist" or "udev blacklist" in google, the results are various and mostly wrong, outdated, or distro-specific.


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