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It is important to keep the components on your motherboard in good working order, not just for playing games but for general system performance.

The best way to accomplish this is to keep your motherboard's BIOS and chipset drivers up to date.

I flash the video card(s) BIOS inside of DOS mode, and yes you can still load into a Windows 98/ME DOS mode on today’s current hardware.

This guide is all about how to do that, and also recover from a bad video card flashing.

Here’s how to all drivers and BIOS on a HP Spectre X360.

It has its own support page listing all drivers, apps and updates available for the machine.

Updating or Upgrading Graphics Card BIOS is not that hard but you should be very careful in updating VGA BIOS otherwise you might end up bricking your graphics card and render it useless.Be sure to read your motherboard's manual thoroughly before attempting to flash your BIOS or update your motherboard's chipset drivers.If you are not comfortable in performing the steps indicated by your motherboard's manual, please contact your motherboard manufacturer or system assembler for assistance.We as overclockers been modifying the video card’s BIOS or using other modified BIOS’ for years now.It is not only us overclockers flashing our video card’s BIOS, this day and age just about everyone has, had to, or will need to flash the BIOS of their video card.Unlike motherboards when you have a failed flash this normally renders that motherboard dead, or bricked.


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