Updating websites for dummies

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Many of whom are familiar with the workings for a website running on Word Press.

There is way too much to go into everything a hosting plan provides right here, but for now, here’s an overview of some key benefits you get from going self-hosted, which many people don’t know about: email, statistics, and password protection.

Having a web hosting account means you can have email addresses @yourdomain.

It seems like, with the march of technology, there’s always something new we need to learn: Myspace, You Tube, Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, Instagram . Blogging requires you to understand that behind-the-scenes stuff so many other platforms take care of for you – even if it’s just to know the difference between a self-hosted blog and a hosted blog.

Because it’s such a simple graphical dashboard, and because c Panel is well-maintained with regular updates, improvements and security measures, most hosting companies use c Panel to help their customers manage their websites. This is where you’ll come to…And a whole lot more – like changing security settings, checking out your website’s analytics and installing helpful apps.This guide is intended to help anyone who is creating their first website, likely with Word Press.It’s the platform we recommend and use for our website.She enjoys staying on top of the latest Word Press and Buddy Press news.When I was beginning web design and web programming years back, I remember all the confusing terms, technologies, and concepts that were floating around that just made it that much more difficult to wrap my head around the whole web thing.Pick it up from Amazon today and add it to your summer reading list.


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