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Sam anxiously tried to get them to reconsider, but they wouldn't hear of it. It was obvious that he felt terrible enough about what he'd done. Trying to lift the mood, Susan continued: "Actually, Ms.

Sam was actually holding up a pair of lacy, delicate pink panties in the middle of Ms. Being caught pilfering a pair of frilly women's panties was punishment enough for any boy, she thought. We'll just have to wait until the trial and see what happens.

His name is Robert and by the time the job was finished, we had become fast friends, especially after we discovered that we both shared the same taste in women. His wife Candy is Asian, in her mid 30s, and a real sexy bitch.

Robert invited me and De Ann over for a BBQ, but he had a lot more in mind for that day.

CHAPTER ONE: We’re a happily married white couple in our mid 50s.

We enjoy an active sex life and a big part of that is “role play.” Kinky, fetish, bondage, well, you know what I’m talking about. I’m Mark, 6′, 235lbs, and my role is that of the dominate, and I do enjoy dominating submissive women, which includes my lovely wife De Ann.

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How does being "a submissive" fit into the overall category of "BDSM"? It encompasses a wider spectrum including bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism as well.

Most of our play isn’t heavy on the S/M side but we sometimes dabble in that.

De Ann is a horny mature blonde that really loves being submissive. Always shaved, usually in high heels, and although she prefers men, she will have sex with other women if she’s attracted to them or ordered to submit to them.

Sam Smith fretted anxiously at the kitchen table while he waited for his mother to return from the district attorney's office. Breaking into the new neighbor's house had been a disastrous idea from the start. Johnson was an attractive, impeccably dressed older widow who had moved into the house- mansion, really- a few doors down. At dinner, Susan was happy to see that her troubled son looked more animated. I'll just tell her I'm ---you know—a sissy." Mark burst out laughing as Susan stopped dead in her tracks. You're a lot of things, but a sissy you are not." "Yeah, but Ms. I'll just tell a little white lie, and we can forget about the whole thing.

Billy Cravitz, Sam's nemesis, and the rest of the neighborhood gang had given Sam an ultimatum: break into Ms. "Well, it looks like someone is in a better mood." "Mom, I've got the perfect solution.


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