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Because of Kemp's change of plea the witness did not have to give evidence which prosecutor Tariq Bin Shakoor said was a source of relief to him.The offence took place in March 2013 and came to light when police seized the computer of the 16-year-old, now aged 20, when they were investigating him in relation to an alleged offence.It was invented, I think, when a daydreaming television executive accidentally said, “What if I get people to have sex in a box? In those days, it had loftier educational pretentions. Telling us, but not showing us, that there is sex happening in a nearby box is a strangely uptight form of titillation. It features plenty of cut-away sequences in which nude models writhe sexily, as well as many many double entendres.

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David Kemp, since retired as a deputy headteacher at Queen Elizabeth Humanities College in Bromyard, encouraged the boy to perform sex acts on himself during x-rated webcam chats.

The 58-year-old of Vauxhall Street, Rainbow Hill, Worcester had been made an MBE and has been a member of the choir at St Stephen's Church in Barbourne, Worcester.

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