Who is bob saget dating

Katie Couric is a veritable pop icon herself -- so it stands to reason that the veteran TV journalist and talk show host, 56, has been squired by a few famous men in her time.

In a typically off-the-cuff chat with Howard Stern on his self-titled Sirius XM radio show on Wednesday May 29, Couric dished on her very brief, PG-rated romantic encounters with Bob Saget and Jeff Probst -- and about the date that never was with Michael Jackson.

Saget went through a divorce from his former wife nearly twenty years ago and told Closer Weekly that he never thought he'd have a relationship again.“[Botech] called me in my office at the ‘Today’ show,” she recalled.“[He said] ‘Katie, I have a question for you, are you seeing anyone?“For example, when we would go over the scripts together in a conference room with the producers and writers, we were all supposed to be taking notes but I’d be drawing penises on the scripts and showing them to Dave and John like I was in fifth grade.” “The set always smelled like his (Dave Coulier’s) ass,” Saget writes.“All the show’s eight seasons of out-take gag reels have the whole cast leaving the stage abruptly the moment Dave releases his ass fumes.I'm like ' Rabbi Shmuley, you have like nine kids, what's going on here? Michael [Jackson] said to me ' That's the kind of girl I would like to go out with . .' and I said, ' Rabbi Shmuley, that's very flattering but I am seeing someone . '" PHOTOS: 90s TV stars then and now Couric's husband Jay Monahan passed away in 1998 of colon cancer; Couric dated financier Brooks Perlin from 2006 to 2011.


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