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Take for example Broadway Joe's transformation from NFL legend to pervy uncle on live TV.During a sideline interview with Suzy Kolber, a clearly intoxicated Namath strayed from his bumbling analysis of Chad Pennington and said, "I want to kiss you." Kolber manages an uncomfortable smile and gains some distance from the tumescent creep with a Curtis Martin-like stiff arm.With the news on Friday about CSNNE’s Jessica Moran quitting her job with the network due to rumors about her relationship with Red Sox manager John Farrell, it is perhaps time to wonder what sort of policies are in place on Yawkey Way about this sort of thing.Former GM Ben Cherington was previously married to Wendi Nix, who had worked at NESN, Fox Sports New England and WHDH during the time in which Cherington was coming up in the Red Sox organization.While everyone was waiting to see if Jerry Remy would return to NESN the same question was being asked about Dell.Would the Red Sox and NESN really allow her to keep her current role while openly dating one of the players? Not long after the Remy return announcement, NESN stated that Jenny Dell has been taken off the Red Sox games and will be doing other things for NESN like working the NESN sports desk.However, there is a reason networks put good-looking people on TV: because folks like looking at good-looking people.

There were rumors about Hazel Mae during her time with NESN.

[caption id="attachment_5940" align="aligncenter" width="368" caption="Photo courtesy of Kelly O' Connor/sittingstill.and used with permission."][/caption] " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-7711" title="4x6" src="https://redsoxchick.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/pc4x61.jpeg" alt="" width="381" height="560" / Once again, this year my friend Amy Blue has organized the Project Cupid Charity Date Auction to benefit the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber.

I’ve written before about Amy and the reason this cause is so dear to her.

There is more opportunity for these types of relationships to develop, which doesn’t make them acceptable, but perhaps does explain why they seem to happen more.

It might be time however, for the Red Sox to put some sort of policy in place about these things.


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