Who is usher dating grace miguel

She was the executive chef on set of : Her bio on Usher's website also noted that she started off in the industry working with catering companies before branching off and forming her own catering company.

Usher is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and business partner Grace Miguel, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

She's a mom: Grace is the mother to two teenagers, a son and a daughter.

She is always sharing how proud she is of her two children.

She apparently wanted to clean house of all his personnel and replace them with her people - and he's letting her do it!

The biggest change he's allowing her to make is firing his longtime friend and agent, Mark Cheatham of CAA. We're all for having relationships with mutal respect and consideration…so why don't you find one, Usher?

Grace accompanied Usher at Justin Bieber’s manager's (Scott Braun) brother’s wedding in New York over the weekend.

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The official line was that Grace and Usher were working, as Grace is an executive at Def Jam Records.

"My mother taught me, by example, very early in my life the importance of giving back," she wrote for the website.

"I've always wanted to do something that impacts lives."5.

That being said, Mueller's case Perez predicted the Chris Pratt divorce!

Over the weekend, Usher hit the dance floor at a wedding in NY and who does he bring along with him? Looks like things are getting serious between Usher and his manager turned girlfriend Grace Miguel.


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