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Altar of the Annunciation the First Joyful Mystery: Chapel of St Gabriel and St Vincent (1938: Society of Mary, The Living Rosary and St Dominic) in 1931, when only the Holy House and its outer covering were built, Fr Patten called the whole building 'The Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary' with its altar of the Annunciation; facing the west door of the Shrine Church, visiting it is the first act of a pilgrimage; he always called it the Annunciation Altar as distinct from his use of the word Chapel for all the other Mysteries; in later years he referred to it as the Chapel of the Society of Mary with its altar dedicated to the Annunciation; Donald Hole (in by Della Robbia (at La Verna in Tuscany) given by the Society of Mary 1939 and painted in many colours by Enid Chadwick; altar restored by Society of Mary as part of their Jubilee Thanksgiving and blessed by the Bishop of Willesden [Graham Leonard], in preparation for which Enid Chadwick repainted the Della Robbia in blue and white, with gold haloes; 2002 refurbishment in memory of Bishop Brian Masters, which included a permanent lectern and refurbishment of altar step, and it was probably at that time the Della Robbia was repainted and the gold removed; Altar of the Mysteries of Light built in Shrine gardens 2005; designed by Cowper Griffith Associates; dedicated to the five additional Mysteries established by Pope John Paul II; these are: Christ's Baptism in the Jordan, The Wedding at Cana, The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God, The Transfiguration, The Institution of the Eucharist; its inscription ambulatory this word, meaning a place for walking, after the style of a cloister, was used from the time of the opening of the Holy House in 1931 until the whole Shrine Church extension was built; the Holy House was covered by the Novum Opus, its outer protecting chapel, and inside this the walkway around three sides of the Holy House was known as the Ambulatory (the North, Eastern and South, the west side being the Annunciation Altar and the main west door); at that time there was no Shrine Church (built 1938), and no cloisters (built 19) as now.Anderson, Fr Thomas Bishell d ; Guardian 1963-78; buried in St Mary's churchyard, Walsingham; signature in the second column of the Guardians’ Roll; St Columba stall on south side of chancel; photograph.

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Inmate information changes quickly, and the posted information may not reflect the current information.

It contains a variety of interesting illustrated articles about the county's history and also reviews of recently published Lincolnshire books.

An explanation of how the civil war battle between the factions supporting Henry III and Louis of France came to be known as the Battle of Lincoln Fair and, given the nature of fairs and tournaments, why it is perhaps better simply called the Battle of Lincoln 1217.

50p each (£1.50 by post UK; second and subsequent copies post free).

Copies of both current and back issues are available from The Postal Sales Manager, SLHA, Jews Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln, LN1 2LS (01522 521337) or by using the Order Form The Society's magazine has been published four times a year since 1990.


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